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Art Videos

The art work of Michael and Inna Rogatchi is presented via musical video-essays:

Michael Rogatchi. Zion Waltz original art series.

Inna Rogatchi. The Light of the Light. Chanukah Reflections.

Inna Rogatchi. Timeless in Motion: Rome.

Michael Rogatchi. The Story of One Painting.

Inna Rogatchi. Power of Light. Judaica Symbolism.

Michael Rogatchi. Divertimento. Original Art series. 

Michael Rogatchi. Violin Garden.

Inna & Michael Rogatchi. For the Name and the Place. Reflections on Holocaust. 

Inna Rogatchi. Jerusalem: My Stones.

Inna Rogatchi. Lonely Leaf Song of a Windy Trees.

Melody of Light: Life & Art of Inna and Michael Rogatchi . Documentary Portrait of Inna and Michael Rogatchi.  JLTV, USA, 2013. 

Inna Rogatchi. Official Trailer for The Lessons of Survival. Conversations with Simon Wiesenthal film. Finland. 2013-2014.

Michael Rogatchi. Libertango. After Piazzolla. Original Art Series. 

Inna Rogatchi. Horizon Beyond Horizon.

Michael Rogatchi. Forefathers.

Michael Rogatchi. Jewish Melody. Original Art series.

Inna Rogatchi. Master and His Home. Homage to Rene Magritte.

Michael Rogatchi. Bolero. Original art series.

Inna Rogatchi. The Route. Family Edition 2013.

Inna Rogatchi. The Legacy of Light. Homage to the Schneerson Family.

Inna Rogatchi. One Day in October. Pilgrimage to Home.

Inna Rogatchi. Essential in Spirit: Firenze.

Inna Rogatchi. Amarcord Forever. Homage to Italian Cinema.

Inna Rogatchi. Metamorphoses. Music of Reflections.

Inna Rogatchi. Melody Thread. Original Rare Musical Instruments.

Inna Rogatchi. The Route. Brussels Edition 2012.

Inna Rogatchi. Campanilla for All Season series.

Inna Rogatchi. Campanilla for All Seasons Event. Venice, 2012.